The Sicilia Mia Vacanze Experience

Experience Authentic Sicily; Come as a tourist, leave as a friend.


Sicilia Mia Vacanze has collaborated with Villa Sike in Modica Sicily, to provide an all-inclusive experience that will be a part of you forever. We coordinate your week from the moment you step off the plane in Catania until we accompany you back to the airport 7 days later.  You will experience the authentic way to prepare Sicilian cuisine through your cooking lessons, further enhance your relaxing vacation if you choose to do yoga, or take of on your own.


The tour includes excursions to Syracusa/Ortigia, Noto, Modica & Marzamemi.  You will smell the sea air in Ortigia & Marzamemi,  listen to the beautiful melody of the local’s bargain at the market, and let your palate discover the succulent wine, olive oil, and freshly prepared specialty cuisine.   You will have guides explain the thousands of years of history that have made the island of Sicily so unique with the numerous archaeological & UNESCO World Heritage sites. Italy’s Southern gem will enchant you with its beauty and hospitality. We invite you to let us treat you to a week of authentic Italian culture, history, & new friendships.


Private group tour dates are available for a limit of 8 people and the tour can be tailored to your group. Inquire within.

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We never charge extra for individual guests.

Small & Friendly Groups


Our small, intimate groups make the experience. We never book more than 8 – 15 guests.

Private Groups


Secure your private event with a group of 8 or more.
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Available Dates for 2021




October 17th - 24th, 2021 Sicilian Vacation $2,800 – $3,500 RESERVE
May 22nd - 29th, 2022 Sicilian Vacation $3,000 – $3,500 RESERVE
October 16th - 23rd, 2022 Sicilian Vacation $3,000 – $3,500 RESERVE
October 23rd - 30th, 2022 Sicilian Vacation $3,000 – $3,130 RESERVE

Choose Your Activity


Cooking Vacations in Sicily, Italy

From the moment you arrive at our villa, your relationship with the Sicilian cuisine begins. You are greeted with a typical Italian Aperitivo and a refreshing Prosecco to set the stage for your week and allow you to relax from your journey.  Monday morning you will have the chance to participate in your first of 4 cooking lessons led by our Sicilian natives that are eager to share their recipes and traditions with you.  You will eat what you prepare for lunch, but not without a timely “Prosecco Time” before and with glorious wine during that will compliment your job well done.
Dinners will be prepared by the chefs for you at the villa.


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Leisure Vacation in Sicily, Italy


If you would prefer to relax, rather than cook, please know leisure is an option.  The villa is set up for a peaceful experience with olive trees that back  up to the Hyblean mountains, a beautiful pool, and roads that allow for nice walks. We will also offer massages for an additional charge of 100Euro.


Veterinary Continued Education Experience

Sicilia Mia is happy to present Continued Education vacations to veterinarians and technicians.  We offer 8 hours of continued education credits over breakfast, before your Sicilian experiences start for the day.  Following breakfast and class, you will enjoy a cooking class led by our Sicilian chefs, followed by lunch to sample your skills.  Then there is a bit of time to relax before heading out for the daily excursion. Later that evening you will enjoy dinner back at the villa.


Email for details

What’s Included in Your Vacation

Sicilia Mia hosts all-inclusive tours (except air) for $3,000-$3,500 per person, including all transportation, lessons(Cooking/Yoga/Leisure), food, wine, Prosecco, excursions to Noto, Syracuse/Ortigia & Modica, Marzamemi, and the accommodations on the villa. 



  • Transportation to and from the Catania Airport
  • Transportation to events & excursions
  • Accommodations at Villa
  • All food & beverages, including wine & prosecco
  • Guided tour of the town of Noto
  • Wine tasting & the Tour of Zisola Cantina
  • Visit the town of Modica
  • Chocolate tasting in Modica
  • Visit Siracusa’s Amphitheater
  • Visit Marzamemi & beach experience (Season depending)
  • Experience Market in Ortigia & lunch at Sicilian restaurant
  • Four cooking lessons (optional)
  • Olive oil tasting at the Villa

Syracuse/Ortigia: You will visit the Parco Archeologico della Neapolis that includes the Greek amphitheater in Syracuse and then be joined by a tour guide in Ortigia.   While in Ortigia, you will experience the market, see the Temple of Apollo, visit the Piazza del Duomo, admire the Syracuse Cathedral, the fountain of Aretusa, lunch in a restaurant that specializes in Sicilian food, and spend time touring the shops and island.

Noto: Here a tour guide will teach you the history of the Baroque town, the Noto Cathedral, Nicolaci Palace, among other sights and then have free time to visit the shops and have gelato before going to Zisola winery.  This winery is beautifully set on a hill with a view of the sea, their wine was featured in Wine Spectacular magazine. 

Modica: Known for its Baroque architecture, churches, and making chocolate.  You will experience a chocolate tour, an option to take a train around the city, and free time to enjoy the town and shops before visiting a beautiful lookout area and then returning to the villa for dinner.


The villa owner will host an olive oil tasting on the villa so guests can distinguish the differences between quality and not so quality olive oils.  The owners harvest their own olive oil that is so delicious that it leaves a ting on your throat indicating how fresh & organic it really is.


On the villa site, guests participate in cooking, yoga lessons, or can sit by the pool and read a book while lunch is being prepared.  Our chef will prepare the dinners with the exception of one that is downtown Modica. We keep the groups small,(8-15) to keep an intimate feel, this gives the instructors plenty of time for personal attention.

Marzamemi: Is listed as one of the most beautiful 20 sea villages of Italy.  Known for their tasty fish recipes at many of their picturesque restaurants on the sea. Also, season depending, we will have the option to visit the the beautiful San Lorenzo beach. We will admire the sea and in town, pass by The Tonnara,  an ancient palace designed by the Arabs around 1000 A.D., the external courtyard was used to shelter the ships used to fish tuna. In the following centuries it was used to plant and prepare tuna then was abandoned for years and is now used for events. Marzamemi is internationally known for several shipwrecks dating back to ancient Greece.  

Additional Day Trips & Services

There are three additional excursions offered to top off your vacation. These excursions are an additional option because they are an average of 2 hours from the villa, and considered an all-day excursion. You will be leaving the villa in the morning and returning in time for dinner. These tours are offered to you because they are a couple of the key attractive tourist destinations in Southern Italy.  We will have time for 1 of these tours in the week, and it will replace one of your relaxing days at the villa.  The price is based on a total of 8 people taking the tour.


Optional excursions include:

  • The Valley of the Temples & Scala de Turchi with lunch; $150 Additional
  • Taormina visit with lunch; $250 Additional
  • Mount Etna hike and visit to Barone Di VIllaGrande winery; $150 Additional



The Valley of the Temples & Scala dei Turchi for Lunch

The Valley of the Temples is an exceptional archaeological site in Agrigento, and certainly one of the most popular destinations in Sicily. The Valley of the Temples is a magnificent collection of seven temples from the 6th and 5th centuries B.C. the site was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. After visiting the Temples, you will have lunch season depending either at a restaurant on the beach overlooking the Scala dei Turchi or at a Michelin-guided restaurant in Agrigento. After lunch, you will walk down the beach to the Scala dei Turchi before going back to the villa for dinner prepared by the chef. Scala dei Turchi is a beautiful white stair cliff leading into the beautiful turquoise water, you will have time to walk to the site for pictures and to enjoy the beauty.


Add $150

Taromina Tour and Lunch

Taormina has been one of Sicily’s top travel destinations since the era of the European Grand Tour, when wealthy young men, many of the English poets and painters, would take extended tours of the classical sites of Italy and Greece. Thanks to its popularity with these travelers of the 17th to 19th centuries, Taormina became one of Italy’s most historic resorts. Perched on the side of Monte Tauro, the town offers fantastic views of the coast and Mount Etna Volcano. Travelers come for the views, the ancient ruins, the seaside, the town’s film festival, an outdoor theater season, the fine hotels and more. Here, you’ll have a guide, walk down Corso Umberto, the lively main street through town, visit the Greek Theater, Villa Comunale, and have an opportunity to take the cable car from downtown to Isola Bella if you wish. In the middle of these points of interest, you will enjoy a Sicilian lunch and a fair amount of Italian atmosphere.


Add $250

Mount Etna Hike and Visit to the Nicosia Winery

This is an optional and additional excursion. Mount Etna, is Europe’s highest and the world’s most active volcano. “She” is in an almost constant state of activity. Mount Etna attracts thousands of visitors a year, especially when there are eruptions. The fertile volcanic soils support extensive agriculture, with vineyards and orchards spread across the lower slopes of the mountain and the broad plain of Catania to the south.

This is an hour and a half, easy climb.  You will visit a lava tube and hike the foothills of Etna and enjoy a packed lunch from our chef.  After you experience your climb, you will visit the beautiful BaroneDi VillGrande Winery for a wine tour and tasting.


Add $150

Our massage therapist will visit the villa on request for private massage services.  Indulge in deep tissue or relaxation massage:


Swedish Massage: Swedish massages use five styles of ling, slowing strokes to relax muscles and improve circulation. It’s helpful in treating pain, joint stiffness and anxiety.


Deep Tissue Massage: Airline travel may leave you in knots, select the deep tissue massage to relieve your stress and stiffness.  The pressure will be more intense than a Swedish massage as the therapist works in focused areas of your body to release tension in your muscles.


Add $100 per session

General Itinerary

Morning (Mattina): Before our 9 am breakfast, guests are welcomed to take a walk or run around the villa grounds or main road lined with stone fences & olive trees.  Italians usually eat light in the morning, we’ll serve a variety of fresh juices, yogurt, and granola, brioche, fresh fruits. Cooking lessons start at 10 am and the cooks will prepare lunch for everyone.  If Yoga is offered, yoga lessons will be before breakfast.


Lunch (Pranzo): Guests gather for Prosecco before we sit down to enjoy lunch that the cooks have prepared.  You’ll sit on one of the villa terraces to eat and enjoy the fresh country air.  After lunch, you will leave for your excursion.


Evening (Sera): You will arrive back at the villa in time for an aperitivo before dinner that is prepared by our chef.  Dinner is paired with red & white wine, dessert and of course, Limoncello!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for a single traveler?

We refrain from charging single supplements. Solo travelers are welcome! If you have a hard time finding someone to travel with, look no more and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Sicilia Mia was born because Anitya was a solo traveler, not knowing a soul, joined 9 other ladies. That was a life-changing trip!


Will I have to share a bathroom?

No, you will have your own bathroom. Every room in our villa has it’s own bathroom.


What are the accommodations like?

Our villa has 11 guest rooms, beautiful large terraces, a commercial kitchen used for cooking classes, laundry, a stunning swimming pool, WiFi, and fantastic views of the nearby Hyblean Mountains. Nestled among olive and carob groves, lined by beautiful hand-laid stone fences, and has recently been meticulously renovated. The villa has been in the owner’s family for 5 generations! They take pride in growing vegetables, herbs and harvesting olive oil on the property to use in the local cuisine you will be enjoying. You will have the feeling that you are a world away from civilization when you are actually only 10 minutes from the stunning baroque city of Modica. Modica is the chocolate capital of Italy and is among one of the many cities in Sicily that is a UNESCO world heritage site.


How many people are on your tours?

Our tours are small, between 8-15 people to maintain an intimate feel and to allow the instructors to give personal attention to each guest.