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Vacations in Sicily, Italy

From the moment you arrive at our villa, your relationship with the Sicilian cuisine begins. You are greeted with a typical Italian Aperitivo and a refreshing Prosecco to set the stage for your week and allow you to relax from your journey.  Monday morning you will have the chance to participate in your first of 4 cooking lessons led by our Sicilian natives that are eager to share their recipes and traditions with you.  You will eat what you prepare for lunch, but not without a timely “Prosecco Time” before and with glorious wine during that will compliment your job well done.
Dinners will be prepared by the chefs for you at the villa.


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YOGA & WELLNESS Vacations in Sicily, Italy


When Yoga retreats are offered, you can expect:

Kyle Citrynell, will offer both Bikram and SGV classes on the retreat.  Classes will vary between 60, 75 and 90 minute classes in the mornings and late afternoons, class duration and number of classes in a day depending on the other activities scheduled.  The goals will be to encourage posture exploration, teach alignment, and expand range, while creating a nurturing yoga community. 

If a retreat is not scheduled and you’d like a yoga instructor to come to the villa for a session, please request this with your coordinator. There will be an additional charge per session.

Massage is also available for an additional charge.


Veterinary Continued Education Experience

Sicilia Mia is happy to present Continued Education vacations to veterinarians and technicians.  We offer 8 hours of continued education credits over breakfast, before your Sicilian experiences start for the day.  Following breakfast and class, you will enjoy a cooking class led by our Sicilian chefs, followed by lunch to sample your skills.  Then there is a bit of time to relax before heading out for the daily excursion. Later that evening you will enjoy dinner back at the villa


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